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Tumbleweed Construction Video


A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Tiny Home.

Hosted by Meg Stephens, an architect and builder of her own tiny house, this informative and fascinating DVD will lead a DIY-er of even the most basic skill level through the construction of a Cypress 20 from the ground up…or from the trailer up. 

You'll learn everything about trailers and trailer prep, framing, installing doors and windows, and tightening everything up with trim and siding. In between, you'll discover how to install the guts of a tiny house -- i.e. the electrical, plumbing, and insulation. 

Once complete, there’s no limit to how this tiny house can be used. Need a hunting cabin, an office, a getaway cottage, or a mobil base camp for all your outdoor adventures…? How about that simple home and even simpler lifestyle you've always dreamed about?   Order one today and get rolling.

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tw-video-cover-lrg 2.jpg