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You know the tagline: No Diet. No Dogma. Just Good Food.  In The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook, the rubber of old-fashioned home-cooking meets the road of new healthy food. With over 120 delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes, this first cookbook from the creator of the popular LLBalanced.com website reaffirms that balance is possible: you can find the joy, relaxation, and healing of cooking for yourself, family, and friends during these frenetic times.

All of the recipes in The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook are approachable, familiar and no-fuss. They focus on quality and moderation with a goal of consistency over perfection. The healthy aspects of Laura Lea's recipes don’t hit you over the head. They just taste -- and make you feel -- good.

Replete with expert tips and easy-to-follow menu plans, The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook will help create a foundation in the pantry and kitchen that will make healthy cooking accessible and exciting, never stressful. In 2018, The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook will have you discovering the joy of balanced, healthy cooking while re-connecting with yourself and loved ones over delicious home-cooked meals.

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Laura Lea Goldberg is a Certified Health-Supportive and Holistic Chef based in Nashville, Tennessee. She began studying the concept of holistic health and cooking fresh, produce-focused meals when the negative effects of a busy corporate career began to affect her health. She marveled at the profound improvement of her physical and emotional state, particularly, her ability to cope with stress and anxiety that a fresh, vegetable-based diet produced and was determined to share this simple but forgotten connection. She graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and then created her website, LLBalanced.com. The fundamental goals of LL Balanced are twofold: 1) To dispel common misconceptions of healthy eating as radical, expensive, exotic and deprivation-based, with her simple, comfort-food inspired and family-friendly recipes; 2) To increase awareness about the relationship between food and mental, emotional and physical health, so that people can live their most vibrant, productive and happy life.  In addition to helming LLbalanced.com, Laura Lea teaches cooking classes, is a contributing writer and recipe developer for MindBodyGreen, Shape Magazine Online, Greatest, Womanista and StyleBlueprint. Visit Laura Lea Goldberg at LLBalanced.com.

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